Securing Wisconsin with Access Control

Protecting People, Assets and Property: Access Controls

Industry-renowned for product quality and customer support, Fearing’s Audio Video Security in Madison and Milwaukee WI provides access control systems that are built on a foundation of versatility, flexibility, and scalability.

Whether your organization or business is a small regional enterprise in Wisconsin or a multi-national corporation with locations around the globe, Fearing’s Audio Video Security has the right access control solution that gives you total control from one system. This allows you to access, open doors, set schedules, and see who is in your building through a single administrative database that eliminates the need for traditional keys. Administrative simplicity is essential to managing your security system effectively.

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Visitors and clients entering the Vogel Brothers Construction building get that “First Impression” of a modern, forward looking and professional organization even before speaking to staff.

Leaving the building persons take away that last impression of a partner that cares for their business, community and values it’s staff.

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Benefits of Access Control and Intercom Entry Systems

Access control and entry systems, including door access control, provide control over facilities that traditional keys cannot. With the ability to lock and unlock doors from virtually anywhere, or allow access only during specified times or through audio and visual verification you never have to guess who is in your facility. There are thousands of possible configurations for any system and you can pick and choose features to create an access control system that is customized to your needs and solve your most demanding challenges.

Photo of biometric access control at Fearing's Audio Video Security in Madison and Milwaukee WI

But access control systems are about more than monitoring and controlling entry; they are an integral part of any security system and give you a convenient platform to manage your facilities with capabilities such as:

  • Enforce a facility or area lock down from any PC, key switch, or phone app.
  • Biometric readers such as retina and fingerprint scans.
  • Integrate motion detectors, glass break sensors, door contacts, panic buttons into the system for monitoring alarm conditions from a single interface
  • Call up live video in the event of an alarm when connected to a compatible surveillance system.
  • Arm or disarm an intrusion panel via the access control system
  • Trigger a wide range of devices using auxiliary output relays to trip such items as sirens or strobes all based on certain events/conditions
  • Create maps with active icons to annunciate system status, control doors, call up video, show employee photos as they pass through protected doors, and much more
  • Run a myriad of custom reports when you need to know who accessed what area and when
  • Manage and track visitors within your facilities

Fearing’s was excellent to work with and very creative! They provided great ideas and really managed to work with our needs and deliver customized solutions in a smart way. They just made it easy for us to get it done and manage it after.

Shaun, Manager, The Safe House


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