Photo of a leaking copper pipe

Leak Detection and Automatic Water Shut-off: Watercop

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The snow is finally melting and spring has arrived. Spring means sunny days, but it also means rain. Wisconsin saw torrential rain in 2018. If your home or business didn’t flood, we can safely guess you at least know someone’s whose did. At one point, Dane County officials estimated around $154 million in flood damage. Dane County has tasked a …

Photo of fiber optic cable panel box like those installed and supported by Fearing's Audio Video Security in Madison WI.

Don’t Be Disrupted: Why Fiber Optic Cabling is a Must

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There is a disruptor in the technology marketplace and the change will affect everyone. In corporate buildings and homes, copper-based wire has been the cabling of choice for decades. But, copper cabling is finally being bypassed by a better technology that has been in use for a while but is now coming into prominence for very good reason. Fiber optic …

4 Things to Consider With a Commercial Security System

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Active Shooter:  Are you ready? Active shooter incidents are on the rise. According to FBI data, the U.S. saw nearly six times as many active shooter incidents between 2014 and 2015 as there were between 2000 and 2001. From schools, to churches and businesses, no environment is completely safe. There are, however, things you can do to protect yourself and …

Photo showing examples of video detection and audio detection by Wisenet at Hanwha Techwin America and Fearing's Audio Video Security of Madison and Milwaukee WI

New Security Technologies: Audio Detection, Face Detection, IVA, & Image Stabilization

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Camera Technology to Track Terror Situations, Shooting Situations, Car Wrecks and More It seems every time we turn on the television there is a new story of a mass shooting or terror attack. Not all incidents make headlines, and some can happen in places you feel safe like parking garages or stores. Aside from shootings, car wrecks or other attacks …

Photo of family in home looking out at woods and trees

Choosing a Home Security System

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With the holidays coming and 60% of us traveling, the question of how to keep our homes and packages safe while we’re away is a big concern. In a recent PC Magazine survey, 70% of consumers said intercepting packages before they’re snagged by a porch pirate is a top concern. Thirty percent are interesting in getting home security products just …

Photo of a LED video wall installed by Fearing's Audio Video Security of Madison and Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Four Questions to Consider When Choosing a Technology Integrator

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For anyone responsible for technology operations in a company, you know how important it is to find the right technology integrator for your next big project . After all, it is on you to establish the IT systems to support the implementation of strategies set by upper management. Choose the wrong integrator partner, and you’re accountable for the aftermath–the delays, …

Video Surveillance Security: New Tech and Tips

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  The security needs of every business are different and with so many commercial security systems and services available, it’s important to be sure what system will work for you. In this article you’ll find some of the technological advances in commercial security explained and tips on what to look for in a new security system for your business. When …

Photo of InfoComm. Provided by InfocComm. Used with permission

Top Tech from InfoComm 2018

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The Latest From the 2018 InfoComm in Las Vegas InfoComm is the premier conference in the United States focused on audiovisual technology. The event includes many exhibitors, a diverse group of attendees from 110 countries and thousands of products for audio, video, home automation, security, and more. Fearing’s VP of Engineering, Ehren Tresner, recently attended InfoComm in Las Vegas and …