COVID-19: Protecting Your Mental Health In Uncertain Times

At Fearing’s Audio Video Security, our Core Focus is to “make a difference for our customers, our community, and our world".  As part of that Focus, you can be certain that we are taking thorough steps to ensure our customers' and employees' health is protected during these trying times. Our company COVID-19 response plan is available on request.

As we go through these uncertain times, it’s important to recognize that we are not helpless in light of COVID-19. We can choose how we respond. If you, a loved one, or fellow employee is struggling, here is a short list of things you can do to take care of your mental health:

  • Separate what is in your control from what is not.
  • Do what helps you feel safe.
  • Get outside and let God reveal Himself through nature.
  • Challenge yourself to stay in the present. Worrying about the future will not change anything. Faith based resource: Matthew 6:25-34
  • Stay connected with people and reach out if you need more support.

New Faith Based Resource

We’re excited to offer this new free resource; Psalm 91 – The Ultimate Protection for Enduring Protection.  In cooperation with bestselling author, Michael Q. Pink, this inspiring booklet is available free in 3 ways through the following link:  Enjoy.

National Alliance on Mental Illness Resources

Help is always available. For more resources and information, the National Alliance on Mental Illness created the following Guide. Or you can visit their website at