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“Trinity” represents the triangle of 3 key stakeholders in any active shooter event.

   1)  Building occupants

  2)  Emergency responders

  3)  Offsite administrators

The lines connecting the points of the triangle represent the communication that is critical in linking together the 3 key stakeholders. This allows each of them to perform the necessary functions for a faster, more efficient, unified and SAFER response to the very dangerous threat of an active shooter.

The result is a triangle (the strongest geometric shape) and Trinity identifies with a very strong perimeter.  Being able to provide information to building occupants, emergency responders and offsite administrators immediately allows them to be well informed during an active shooter incident, so their actions are fast, efficient, unified and safe is the purpose behind Trinity.

“Gunshot detection is a critical piece in the future of building safety.” Trinity Founder, Stacy Jax


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  Features & Benefits

    • Instantaneous, accurate detection
    • Location of shots fired "Shooter's Path"
    • Easy installation
    • Integrates with VMS and Mass Notification Systems
    • Multiple digital messaging options
    • Customized notifications and recipients
    • WiFi and POE sensors available
    • Dedicated server
    • Privacy guaranteed
    • 24 hours health monitoring of system

Safety matters to us. Seconds matter to us. YOU matter to us.


"BluePoint is the best intruder alert system available to schools. It allows any student or staff member the ability to notify occupants of an active shooter while simultaneously contacting police. The automated system is more efficient because it eliminates the human error when contacting police and notifying building occupants. Our students and staff are safer today because we have implemented the BluePoint alert system throughout our district".

Kreg Wesley, Director of Operations for Sycamore School District #427


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