Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards

Fearing’s is your interactive whiteboard specialist.  Fearing’s is a partner with PolyVision, the premier interactive whiteboard manufacturer. PolyVision Interactive Whiteboards are the staple in every school classroom and company boardroom. This phenomenal technology provides an innovative way for students and teachers to interact or enhance collaboration and training in a corporate environment.

Interactive Conference Rooms

Take your meeting from idle to interactive. Interactive Whiteboard   technology can turn a static meeting into lively, collaborative environment where everyone can participate.  Capture and share your ideas as they occur on the whiteboard or screen so your team can respond in real-time. And while Interactive Whiteboard technology is transformative, it’s also simple.  What can you create?

Interactive Classrooms

Engage, inspire and collaborate with the longest-lasting and most versatile classroom technology-all while fostering a clean and safe learning environment.

Around the world, interactive technology is transforming classrooms into dynamic learning environments where everyone participates.