Making a Difference for Our World

Everyone at Fearing’s Audio Video Security believes there is a bigger role we can play to make a difference in our world. It is why we are proud to support the Schools for Haiti nonprofit organization. Its goal is to provide a safe and nurturing educational environment in one of the poorest places in the world. The work there includes this very clear vision: “We will make a difference in their lives. They will make a difference in the future of Haiti.”  Our team’s effort to share knowledge with the children there is important work, and part of the overall difference you’ll find at Fearing’s Audio Video Security. “Making a difference for our customers, our communities, and our world.” 

About Schools for Haiti

Fearing’s also has a vested interest in the nation of Haiti. Owners Lois and Doug Fearing established a relationship with Portage missionary Nancy Hibbard who is stationed in Haiti.  Through Nancy’s encouragement Lois and Doug organized a church mission trip to Haiti in the fall of 2009 which was to take place in February 2010; not knowing at that time that the mission trip would be following the disastrous Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010.

Schools for Haiti (SFH) was born out of the vision of Haitian born Daniel Michel who wanted to start a Christian school in his village of Montrouis, (pronounced Mo Wee) which is 57km north of Port-au-Prince. Through connections he made while in the states he shared his vision and out of that Schools for Haiti was founded. The first year was very successful, so much so that SFH was supporting over 60 children with four teachers by year-end. It will be nine years this September and now SFH supports over 400 students in four schools with a quality education and a nutritious meal every school day. In addition, SFH also supports a children’s home for 11 children who are orphans or abandoned.

Schools for Haiti is a non profit 501 (c)3 organization that provides safe and nurturing educational environments for the youth of Haiti offering them the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, and values so they can flourish and grow. This will lay a foundation for change in their country. Haiti, a nation that ranks 177th out of 186 in the world for educational spending, has a literacy rate of only 52.9% and less than 30% of children will ever reach 6th grade. The vision for Schools for Haiti is clear, “We will make a difference in their lives. They will make a difference in the future of Haiti.

Facts About Haiti

General Facts about Haiti

  • The poorest country in the Americas and the 3rd poorest country in the world, most of Haiti’s 10 million people live on less than $2 a day.
  • There is no food stamp program
  • There are no Medicaid, Medicare or National Health Care programs
  • There is no Social Security
  • There are over 400,000 children without parents in Haiti.
  • 1 out of 5 children will die before the age of five.
  • Roughly three-quarters of Haitians are either unemployed or trying to make ends meet in the informal economy and 80% of Haiti’s people live in abject poverty

Educational Facts about Haiti

  • The enrollment rate for primary school in Haiti is 67%, and fewer than 30% of the students reach 6th grade.
  • Secondary schools enroll 20% of eligible-age children.
  • Haiti’s literacy rate is 52.9%.
  • Haiti ranks 177th out of 186 in the world for national spending on education.
  • International private schools (run by Canada, France, and the United States) and church-run schools educate 90% of students.

The government has advocated the creation of a free, public and universal education system for all primary school-age students in Haiti, but there is no funding program in place now nor in the near future to provide for free public education.