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Home Structured Cabling

Home Structured Cabling

Cable or wireless?

Talk to the experts to understand the best solution for your home.

Home Structured Cabling

Image stating 20th anniversary of Fearing's Audio Video Security in Madison WIThe world of technology is rapidly changing. It can be easy to fall behind in your home’s cabling infrastructure, but rewiring keeps you future-ready with whatever tomorrow brings. After creating a customized blueprint for your home, we’ll design, install, and maintain a low-voltage cable system that’s adaptable to evolving technologies and personal requirements. Imagine having a system of network solutions that provides a solid foundation for both your current and future applications.

At Fearing’s, we understand that solely using wireless connectivity to stream all of our favorite internet content like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Video, and Spotify can really slow down your network’s performance. With that being said, running a physical cable to playback devices like Apple TV, Roku, your smart TV, or your gaming system can dramatically increase speed and keep you ready for future bandwidth requirements that 4K (8K is coming!) TV will bring.

  • Future-ready cabling infrastructure
  • Scalable design
  • Precise installation with high attention to detail
  • Audio, Video, Voice and Data distribution

A Local Solution with Equipment Options

Fearing’s Audio Video Security is a family business based in Madison, Wisconsin. We install the best technology to secure your home and your family — at one of the most affordable rates in the industry! Call for a free home consultation and estimate.