Multi-room Audio and Video

Enjoy your favorite music from any room in your house…or all of them! Now, with just the simple push of a button or a voice command, you can manage audio anywhere in your house and the acoustics are optimized in each, individual room by our technicians giving you great sound. You can seamlessly play your favorite music, whether you’re moving from your home-office to the living room, living room to the kitchen, kitchen to the dining room, or dining room to the deck.

The same idea is brought to your video content. If you enjoy watching the news in your bedroom while you’re getting ready to start your day, don’t miss the story you’ve been waiting to see because you went to refill your coffee in the kitchen.

  • It’s your content, enjoy it where you want.
  • Independent zones
  • Wifi audio…not Bluetooth
  • Obsessive attention to detail
  • Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music
  • Centralized video distribution. Any source in any room.
  • A Local Solution with Equipment Options

Fearing’s Audio Video Security is a family business based in Madison, Wisconsin. We install the best technology to secure your home and your family — at one of the most affordable rates in the industry! Call for a free home consultation and estimate.

Featured Residential Project

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Our clients decided to build their dream home on a family owned lot on the shores of Swan Lake, in Portage Wisconsin.

For now, the home is a wonderful weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, where both clients live and work full time. They wanted a place they could unwind and relax or be able to entertain friends and family. They wanted to be able to monitor and control everything from Chicago.

The systems also needed to be scalable as someday this would become their full-time residence.

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Smart Home Technology is Undergoing a Revolution

Your home automation is about to sound oh so much better. Fearing's choice for home audio technology, Sonos will soon release Sonos One, a top of the line speaker equipped with Amazon Alexa, the easy to use voice service, built right in for hands-free control of your music and more.

Now you can bypass even the Sonos mobile app. With Sonos One, you can use your voice to change songs, adjust the volume and specify which room you want the music in. The six audio sensors will pick up the voice control regardless of the volume of the music.

But it doesn’t stop with music. Turn on lights, adjust the temperature, and more…with Sonos One you can control your smart home devices with your voice. Call (608) 443-2595 for a free expert consultation today.


Fearing’s sound tech Jeremiah who came to our house is the Sherlock Holmes of audio. He worked his way through the possible problems and within an hour our sound system was working better than it ever had. My wife and I recommend Fearing’s wholeheartedly.

Ken O., Google Review


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