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There is nothing more important than the safety of your loved ones.

At Fearing’s AVS, we get it. We are an established family owned company and we take your family’s safety as seriously as we take our own.

What is the benefit of working with Fearing’s vs. some of the other companies out there?  The truth is – we all provide similar products and services. And our prices are all pretty competitive.

Why Fearing’s?

We don’t see the work we do as working for a “company”. In our case, it’s our name - literally.  We are a locally owned company and we love our community. Every member of our team promises to give their all to exceed your expectations.

What should be considered when planning for the security of your home?

Learn more about the products we offer:


Smart Integrated Security Alarms

We all know just how fast technology evolves.  At Fearing’s, we stay up on all of it – so you don’t have to.  Everything can now be controlled as you choose – from your ability to remotely control doors and lights, to opening or closing your garage door, to monitoring surveillance cameras.

You can even set your preferred alerts so you are notified if something needs your attention.


Video Surveillance Systems

If you are considering a surveillance system, you want to do it right.  We don’t think knowing something AFTER the fact is very helpful. The right system not only provides high definition video that can be accessed live from your mobile device, it can be set up to alert you to activity with the goal of prevention.  From ensuring the safety of your child in someone else’s care, to being able to potentially stop an intruder from breaking into your house, Fearing’s will guide you.


Access Control & Sensors

You want to be able to manage who has access to your home.  From access card, fingerprint, or retina readers, preventing and controlling who can enter your home is key to protecting what is most valuable to you.  What if you are at work or vacation, and your cleaning person needs to get in? Simply disarm your system, unlock the door, and let in your guest…from anywhere in the world! When your guest has left, review the cameras, lock the doors, and arm the alarm. Or assign them a temporary code that will disarm the alarm system which will then notify you that they entered the house.

Ok, you’ve got my attention. What next?

This is the fun part for us. We know you have a busy life. The last thing you want to do is hassle with getting your Integrated Security plan to come to life. That is where we come in. With a new or existing home, getting started is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3.


Let us know who you are by filling out this FORM. We will get in touch to schedule an appointment for your Home Technology Design Meeting. In advance of our meeting, we will send you information about the variety of options available to you – including the newest technology.


Design Meeting – this is when we learn from each other to ensure you and your family can have the best interactive security plan to fit your life.


We come back with our plan that includes each aspect of your home security plan. We will lay out where everything will be and how it will work. We can make adjustments as applicable and when confirmed and signed off on, we will take it from there.

And then

  • Once your new systems are installed and ready to roll, we will conduct a homeowner orientation to explain the benefits and features available to you.
  • Lastly – (this is the best part) you can sleep easy knowing you are doing everything you can to proactively ensure the safety of your family. At Fearing’s, we want to remove the need to ever say, “If only”.

The Best Brands

We work with dozens of trusted manufacturers to provide the best products to ensure your family is covered – from head to toe.


Featured Video Wall Project


Zendesk, based in San Francisco, is a company that has been on the forefront of innovation and has valued workspaces that achieve a particular state of corporate zen, all while helping companies deliver exceptional customer service through their cloud-based customer service software.

The Fearing’s team was able to show Zendesk, quite literally, how effective and affordable a direct LED video wall could be. The picture will cut through natural light, there will be no shadow obstruction from people presenting, and it will have a versatility in any presentation or training situation.

View Zendesk Project

Highly Flexible Video Walls for Varying Environments

Video walls are also enhancing consumer entertainment. With the task to create a spy-like experience for customers the moment they walk through the password-protected doors, Fearing’s achieved the revolutionary dining experience SafeHouse was hoping for.

As a creative and vastly diverse nightclub and restaurant tailored to a futuristic spy theme, The SafeHouse Chicago project presented Fearing’s with some thrilling challenges to create an extraordinary experience centered largely around technology, including interactive video displays and other responsive technology. Many video panels were installed throughout the venue, with one floor to ceiling direct LED video wall that can be configured for several different uses in the space.


A++, I would recommend Fearing's time and again! They are absolutely professional, punctual and easy to communicate with. Anytime we have a sound issue, emergency or non-emergency, I call Fearing's! I know several of their technicians by name and look forward to working with them for a long time to come.

Jennifer, From a Google Review


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