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School Security and Monitoring

School Security and Monitoring

Fearing’s Audio Video Security works directly with school district leaders to find the best way to keep students safe, while also improving and enhancing the learning environment and school security.

School security: photo of school using Avigilon security solutionsIt’s a tough question we are asked regularly: “When should we consider a school security system to keep our students safe?” Today, we are fortunate to have constantly changing technology at our fingertips. And we are proud to be able to provide advanced and innovative solutions to allow schools districts and universities to excel, while feeling secure and prepared because of these state-of-the-art tools.

Security in our schools has become as important as a student having the books or a laptop needed for an assignment. Fearing’s Audio Video Security has partnered with more than two dozen school districts, universities, and public libraries to provide advanced safety solutions in recent years.

Learn More From Security Expert Steve Van Dyke

How can a school security expert make a difference for you? How can technology work with your school’s EOP? You’ll learn a lot from this interview with Fearing’s Business Development Executive Steve Van Dyke, who has 23 years of experience, multiple security certifications and knows how to customize solutions.

School Security: Avigilon Video Surveillance and Video Analytics

School security with Fearing's Audio Video Security and Avigilon photo of security monitorsOne component of school security is video surveillance. Fearing’s Audio Video Security is an officially authorized Avigilon business partner with offices in Madison and Milwaukee Wisconsin. Avigilon offers a powerful end-to-end security system including HD video surveillance, self-learning video analytics, and IT-friendly access controls.

  • Video Surveillance Threat Analysis
  • Surveillance & Access Design
  • Installation of Video Surveillance Systems

Fort Dodge Community Schools Case Study

Avigilon video surveillance technology is the best solution for school districts. See how this technology led the district IT manager to say, “The image quality we can achieve on our network is night and day from our old system. We’ve had absolutely no problems on the network – it just works.” Please see the full Avigilon school security case study.

School Security: BluePoint Alert Solutions

BluePoint Alert Solutions is a Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) that instantly notifies emergency responders and building occupants of an emergency situation, expedites a rapid response, triggers emergency management protocols and ultimately saves lives.

BluePoint is the best intruder alert system available to schools. It allows any student or staff member the ability to notify occupants of an active shooter while simultaneously contacting police. The automated system is more efficient because it eliminates the human error when contacting police and notifying building occupants. Our students and staff are safer today because we have implemented the BluePoint alert system throughout our district.
– Kreg Wesley, Director of Operations for Sycamore School District #427

Fearing’s Audio Video Security, with offices in Madison and Milwaukee, is the exclusive dealer for BluePoint Alert Solutions for the State of Wisconsin.