LED Video Wall Displays

Video Walls That Dazzle, Inform and Entertain

Fearing’s combines expertise and innovation to deliver LED video wall technology which dazzles, attracts, and keeps the attention of audiences and customers. Fearing's has successfully installed video wall technology for Zendesk, Vogel Brother's Construction, the Dane County Airport, The Safe House, and many more big and small businesses in and around Madison and Milwaukee WI.

A video wall, a unique combination of high-quality LED displays or direct LED tiles offering various interactive capabilities in a large-screen visualization, is at the vanguard of Fearing’s AV expertise. As always, in keeping up with cutting-edge technology trends, there are many advantages and capabilities Fearing’s can provide through specific video wall installs.

From anti-glare screens to near perfect color, high-end systems are able to provide seamless video optimization that’s powerful and visually superior. With the proper design, intuitive user interfaces and proper installation, this complex video wall platform can be operated with ease by anyone and act as one large display or can be as intricate as a large multi-window configurable system.

The Benefits of a Video Wall


Zendesk, based in San Francisco, is a company that has been on the forefront of innovation and has valued workspaces that achieve a particular state of corporate zen, all while helping companies deliver exceptional customer service through their cloud-based customer service software.

The Fearing’s team was able to show Zendesk, quite literally, how effective and affordable a direct LED video wall could be. The picture will cut through natural light, there will be no shadow obstruction from people presenting, and it will have a versatility in any presentation or training situation.

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Highly Flexible Video Walls for Varying Environments

Video walls are also enhancing consumer entertainment. When Fearing's combined with the SafeHouse Chicago, the task to create a spy-like experience for customers the moment they walk through the password-protected doors, Fearing’s achieved the revolutionary dining experience SafeHouse was hoping for.

As a creative and vastly diverse nightclub and restaurant tailored to a futuristic spy theme, The SafeHouse Chicago project presented Fearing’s with some thrilling challenges to create an extraordinary experience centered largely around technology, including interactive video displays and other responsive technology. Many video panels were installed throughout the venue, with one floor to ceiling direct LED video wall that can be configured for several different uses in the space.


Fearing’s was excellent to work with and very creative! They provided great ideas and really managed to work with our needs and deliver customized solutions in a smart way. They just made it easy for us to get it done and manage it after.

Shaun, Manager, The Safe House


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