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Automation & Control

Automation & Control

Presentation systems have increased in size and complexity.  Simplifying and automating the operation has become a must, both for the AV equipment and the room environment.  Control systems must be designed to efficiently handle these new demands, while remaining uncomplicated to the end-user.

Imagine turning on a projector, lowering a motorized projection screen, selecting the AV source to be played, dimming the lights, closing the shades, and setting the thermostat to a lower temperature simultaneously with the press of a single button.  Simplify your life with a control system from Fearing’s Audio Video Security.

Fearing’s is an authorized dealer for Crestron and Extron systems. 

Why choose an Automated System?

  • 30-80% of time is spent in meetings, with executives in meetings nearly 23 hours a week
  • 8 of those hours are wasted on technical issues, leading to 2.3 months a year wasted
  • On average, IT fixes 447 boardroom issues yearly and when broken down that is 23 minutes a day and 10% of the your time wasted on waiting for the technical problem to be fixed. 
  • The average employee wastes 2.83 working days a year on meeting room difficulties, which, for a small company, could be a loss of $1600 per employee annually.  A midsize company would face $1.6 million, and a large corporation could be looking at nearly $16 million in unproductive pay.

What’s wrong, and how do you fix it? 

Most systems are too complex and unreliable.  However, the companies we have partnered with have created systems that bring AV and Technology together with less technical difficulty, greater ease of use, and, of course, a higher return on investment (ROI.) Room technology being controlled from a single control panel creates seamless interaction and higher productivity.