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BluePoint Alert Solutions

BluePoint Alert Solutions

More lives can be saved.

The BluePoint Alert Solution (patent pending) decreases the response time of first responders and allows building occupants to take precautionary measures in an emergency situation. Together, these benefits are likely to reduce risk and shorten the duration of a threat. To learn more about these systems check out the website, BluePoint Alert Solutions, or contact Fearing’s Audio Video Security in Madison WI today! 

The BluePoint Alert Solution is founded on three simple facts:

  1. The faster first responders are on site, the faster an emergency situation ends.
  2. The faster building occupants take preventative or defensive measures, the more likely the threat can be minimized.
  3. Panicked people do not think rationally.

The BluePoint Alert Solution uses a series of simple initiation devices—similar to fire alarm pull-stations—strategically placed throughout a facility for anyone to initiate. These devices take no training and little thought to use. Additionally, wearable devices can be given to strategic building occupants. Once any device is activated, the emergency dispatch center is notified, and dispatches police to the facility. Simultaneously, a pre-recorded message is broadcast through the public-address system to warn building occupants of the threat. As with a security alarm system, the known presence of a BluePoint Alert Solution in a building can deter intruders from even initiating a threat within that building.

 How is BluePoint Alert Different?

  • It automatically contacts police AND alerts building occupants to a threat within the building, with minimal human intervention.
  • It is available to anyone in the building to activate and does not dictate the response protocol for the building, just initiates it.
  • It provides initial location of threat information to first responders and building administration.
“But nearly all of our people have cell phones.”

Using a cell phone does nothing to alert other building occupants to potential danger. The faster that building occupants can take preventative or defensive measures, the more likely a threat can be minimized. Also, in panic situations, people do not react or think as rationally as usual. Having to dial even three numbers and provide coherent information to an emergency-dispatch attendant takes precious time before first responders can be dispatched. Additionally, a flood of calls from one building into a 911 center can overwhelm dispatch attendants and potentially provide confusing information that may delay first responders.

With a BluePoint Alert Solution, once a device is initiated, the police are automatically dispatched to the site and, at the same time, building occupants are notified. After occupants are in a safe place, they can then use their cell phones to provide additional information to the first responders through a 911 call center if they so wish.

“But we already have an emergency response protocol.”

Great! The BluePoint Alert Solution is focused on rapidly alerting building occupants and police to a serious threat. It does not dictate or modify existing emergency response protocols. Rather, it provides a way to rapidly initiate those protocols throughout a building. So, even when response protocols change, BluePoint remains a valuable asset.

Relevant armed-intruder statistics:
  • Active-shooter incidents often occur in small- and medium-sized communities where the police departments are limited by budget constraints and small work forces.
  • The average active-shooter incident lasts 12 minutes, while 37% last less than 5 minutes.
  • In 10% of active-shooter cases, the shooter stops and walks away. In 20% of the cases, the shooter goes mobile, moving to another location.
  • The shooter often stops as soon as he hears or sees law enforcement, sometimes turning his anger or aggression on law enforcement.

About 43% of the time, the crime is over before police arrive. In 57% of the shootings, an officer arrives while the shooting is still underway.

Source: FBI


Fearing's is the exclusive dealer for BluePoint Alert Solutions for the State of Wisconsin

To learn more about these systems check out the website, BluePoint Alert Solutions, or contact Fearing’s today!