Audio, Video, Security Technology 

Comprehensive Solutions to Advance and Protect Your Business.

Get the Right


Avoid buying the wrong technology and wasting time and money. At Fearing's, we continually evaluate, test, and select the most effective and reliable audio, video, and security technologies for your business and home.

Pride in Your 


You can be confident your investment is the best value. Your video and phone meetings happen flawlessly and your team is more productive. Your family and friends will be amazed as you effortlessly control your home's lights, music, video, security, and more.

and Trusted Partner


Thrilled, you made a wise investment in both the right technology and a local partner who has your back. You have technology that makes your business more productive, your home and business safer, more entertaining, and simplifies your life.

How to Choose the Right partner

Get the top 10 questions to ask when selecting a technology partner.


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3 Steps to Advance Your Business and Simplify Your Life

1. Explore What
You Want

Meet with your dedicated Account Executive who assembles the right team to gain a deep understanding of your unique needs and situation. We document and prioritize these requirements to propose the best technology solutions.

2. Design and Plan
the Experience

Our technology experts use cutting-edge processes to select, design, engineer, and propose the best options with our recommendation that delivers what you want to advance your business, enhance your home, and simplify your life.

3. Support, the
Fearing’s Way

As your partner, we install and configure the selected design. We’ve got your back delivering comprehensive documentation, training you to use the technology simply, and supporting you. As technology evolves and changes, we make sure you continue enjoying your investment.

Delighting Customers For Over 23 Years


"Under Kalahari’s tight deadlines, Fearing's always did what was necessary to get the job done on time and done right.”

“The fact that Fearing's could do all our AV, security, and cabling for this project really simplified things. Since these systems are very interconnected, using multiple vendors can cause complications in communication and even lead to finger-pointing if communications break down, but we were able to eliminate that possibility by using a vendor like Fearing's that could do it all”

Greg Gorgola

Corporate Director of Information Technology for Kalahari Resort

Fearing's Way Premier Partner Program


Fearing’s offers the Premier Partner Program (P3), which provides another level of customer service. With this program, we assign a dedicated Customer Service Representative that will provide an enhanced level of ongoing communication and service to oversee the administration of our preventive maintenance programs included the Program. 

The P3 Program improves reliability and minimizes downtime on equipment registered with the Program. Customers also benefit from regular communications from their Customer Service Representative, increasing confidence with the dependability, performance, and longevity of their technology investments supported by the Program.


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