Home Network Cabling

The world of technology is rapidly changing. It can be easy to fall behind in your home’s cabling infrastructure, but rewiring keeps you future-ready with whatever tomorrow brings. After creating a customized blueprint for your home, we’ll design, install, and maintain a low-voltage cable system that’s adaptable to evolving technologies and personal requirements. Imagine having a system of network solutions that provides a solid foundation for both your current and future needs.


At Fearing’s, we understand that solely using wireless connectivity to stream all of our favorite internet content like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Video, and Spotify can really slow down your network’s performance. With that being said, running a physical cable to playback devices like Apple TV, Roku, your smart TV, or your gaming system can dramatically increase speed and keep you ready for future bandwidth requirements for 8K TVs and beyond.

  • Future-ready cabling infrastructure
  • Scalable design
  • Precise installation with high attention to detail
  • Audio, Video, Voice, and Data distribution
  • A Local Solution with Equipment Options

Fearing’s Audio Video Security is a family-owned business based in Madison, Wisconsin. We install the best technology to secure your home and your family! Call for a free home consultation and estimate.

Smart Home Technology Never Sounded So Good!

Your home automation can sound so much better. Fearing's choice for home audio technology, Sonos features the Sonos One, a top of the line speaker equipped with Amazon Alexa, the easy-to-use voice service, built right in for hands-free control of your music and more.

You can even bypass the Sonos mobile app. With Sonos One, you can use your voice to change songs, adjust the volume, and specify which room you want the music in. The premium audio sensors will pick up the voice control regardless of the music volume.

But it doesn’t stop with music. Turn on lights, adjust the temperature, and more…with Sonos One you can control your smart home devices with your voice. Call (608) 443-2595 for a free expert consultation today.


Fearing’s was excellent to work with and very creative! They provided great ideas and really managed to work with our needs and deliver customized solutions in a smart way. They just made it easy for us to get it done and manage it after.

Shaun, Manager, The Safe House


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